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Quantum information applications of frequency upconversion

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Title: Quantum information applications of frequency upconversion
Author(s): VanDevender, Aaron Pace
Department / Program: Physics
Discipline: Physics
Degree: Ph.D.
Genre: Dissertation
Subject(s): quantum information rabi oscillation oscillation polarization escort beam photonic wavelength time-bin orbital angular momentum single-photon photon hilbert space polarization infrared photon ppln phasematching coherence atom simulator polarization switch sagnac switchl mach-zehnder switch- phase modulation
Abstract: We demonstrate the utility of frequency upconversion in a non-linear crystal for quantum information applications. By combining a bright “escort” beam with a signal photon inside of a periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) crystal, we are able to achieve near unit conversion efficiency. We use this conversion process to create high-efficiency infrared single-photon detectors by upconverting infrared photons to visible ones and using efficient silicon avalanche photo diodes to detect the upconverted photon. We have achieved a net system detection efficiency of 56%, far superior to previous methods for infrared photon detection. We also demonstrate the phase coherence of the upconversion process, which enables it to convert photonic qubits from one wavelength to another, potentially allowing quantum networks of disparate operating wavelengths to communicate efficiently. This quantum “transduction” feature is observed by upconverting photons passed between two unbalanced Michelson interferometers that create and measure time-bin qubits, similar to those used in many quantum cryptography systems, and verifying that the phase of the qubits is preserved. The Rabi oscillation-like behavior of upconversion is also demonstrated, allowing for the creation and manipulation of highly non-degenerate frequency qubits. These states may be used in conjunction with other degrees of freedom such as polarization, time-bin, or orbital angular momentum states to enlarge the usable single-photon Hilbert space and create a rich vocabulary for transmission of quantum information.
Issue Date: 2007
Genre: Dissertation / Thesis
Type: Text
Language: English
Rights Information: 2007 VanDevender ©
Date Available in IDEALS: 2012-11-19

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