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Library Trends 60 (2) Fall 2011: Information Literacy Beyond the Academy, Part I: Towards Policy Formulation


Library Trends 60 (2) Fall 2011: Information Literacy Beyond the Academy, Part I. Edited by John Crawford.

Information literacy has not been chosen as a subject for an issue of Library Trends since the 1991 issue, "Toward Information Literacy—Innovative Perspectives for the 1990s" (Huston, 1991). This issue was heavily focused on the higher education sector and in particular what was then known as bibliographic instruction. Since then, research, development, and practitioner activity has moved on and activity, research, and development work around information literacy, is taking place in career choice and management, employability training, skills development, workplace decision making, adult literacies training and community learning and development, scholastic education, lifelong learning, and health and media literacies. Information literacy has matured sufficiently to have become a national and international policy issue, as evidenced by President Obama's 2009 proclamation declaring October as National Information Literacy Awareness Month. The articles submitted by the contributors reflect much of this agenda.

Library Trends (ISSN 0024-2594) is an essential tool for librarians and educators alike. Each issue thoroughly explores a current topic of interest in professional librarianship and includes practical applications, thorough analyses, and literature reviews. The journal is published quarterly for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science by The Johns Hopkins University Press. For subscription information, call 800-548-1784 (410-516-6987 outside the U.S. and Canada), email jlorder [at], or visit

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