Dissertations and Theses - Slavic Languages and Literatures

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  • Shchur, Oleksandra (2013-08-22)
    This project is a case study of how post-Soviet women writers have attempted to renegotiate women's (and women writers') traditional roles in and vis-à-vis their newly independent postcommunist nations through fiction that ...
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  • Pozin, Mikhail A. (1991)
    The thesis consists of five chapters. They provide a comprehensive look into the connection between Shukshin's prose and the reality of Soviet life. The review of his critical articles and essays gives an insight into his ...
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  • Hashamova, Yana Savova (1996)
    The dissertation is a study of the intertextual dimension of love in the modern dramatic discourse of Europe. Intertextuality is the basic methodological concept and it is observed as difference rather than similarity. It ...
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  • Shenshin, Veronica (1994)
    The previously-neglected metaphysical aspect of Fet's poetry discussed in this thesis mainly concerns itself with the philosophical, ontological and aesthetical basis of his lyrics. Fet's Memoirs (1890) and correspondence ...
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  • Young, Grace Halstead (1996)
    Traces of Slavic pagan cosmology are preserved to a great extent in folklore. The pagan philosophy regarding animals stood in strong contrast to the Christian one. To the pagan the world was made up of a myriad of natural ...
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