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  • Stam, Kathryn; Guzman, Indira Rita; Scialdone, Michael John (2008-02-28)
    Social scientists no longer have to travel far and wide for data on social life, as it is now available at our fingertips on the web. However, many of the techniques normally used in traditional research such as ...
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  • Stutzman, Frederic D.; Boyd, Danah; Marwick, Alice E.; Lampe, Cliff; Ellison, Nicole (2008-02-28)
    In the information sciences, there is significant interest in the study of social network websites. Sites such as Myspace and Facebook have drawn hundreds of millions of users, shaping and contextualizing new forms of ...
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  • Rosner, Daniela Karin; Lim, Kevin Mateo; Hesse, Hannes (2008-02-28)
    Scavenger hunts are emergent collections, constructed out of small bits of information gathered by the players. As information scholars, we engage in scavenger hunts every day, whether researching ideas to formulate a ...
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  • (2008-02-28)
    Community technology programs often lack the funding and technical assistance needed to sustain successful programs, let alone improve and expand their services. In the United States, these programs are training low-income ...
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  • Jones, M. Cameron; Floyd, Ingbert R.; Twidale, Michael B.; Adamczyk, Piotr D. (2008-02-28)
    iSchools have a well-established reputation for rigorous analysis, applying a range of multidisciplinary methods. However, increasingly many of us are teaching design elements as well as doing design in our research. We ...
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