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  • Vojak, Bruce A. (2012-05-01)
    Beginning to know about the knowing of innovation: First steps toward a broader and deeper understanding of the “knowing” characteristic of breakthrough innovation.
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  • Vojak, Bruce A. (2012-06-01)
    A response to the May 23rd Wall Street Journal article entitled, “You Call That Innovation?”: The deception of superficial, chameleon-like charlatans or the fruit of invested, immersed, and highly skilled people?
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  • Vojak, Bruce A. (2012-11-01)
    The definition of knowing a fact as ‘Justified True Belief’: While imperfect and incomplete, the standard, or traditional, analysis of knowledge serves us well and is worth considering
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  • Vojak, Bruce A. (2012-10-15)
    The types of knowing: From ‘know what’ to ‘know how’ to ‘know who’ to ‘know when’ we use the concept of knowing variously.
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  • Dix, Alan; Ormerod, Tom; Twidale, Michael B.; Sas, Corina; Gomes da Silva, Paula.A.; McKnight, Lorna (2006)
    What would happen if we wrote an Abstract that was the exact opposite of what the paper described? This is a bad idea, but it makes us think more carefully than usual about properties of Abstracts. This paper describes ...
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